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The Inergetix-CoRe™ is a bioresonance device developed by Dr. Kiran Schmidt. It is used to scan a person’s bio-field and to detect areas of resonance or dissonance on the mental, emotional, or energy levels. It helps us see more in-depth and with more clarity into many confusing situations. A CoRe reading is a scan of your subtle energy field. We use advanced computerized technology and software created by CoRe-Inergetix™. All results appear on a computer screen and are interpreted in easy to understand language.

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The body has the potential to heal itself, but sometimes it is reacting to the wrong signals. It lacks, so to speak, the ‘know-how’ to solve a problem. Therapy with Inergetix-CoRe™ in this instance will be surprisingly practical and will work apparent miracles within the shortest time. It can “tell” your body what is its best choice of action.

We use sound, light, electromagnetic frequencies, or directly remote transmissions of healing frequencies to re-set your system.


It works according to the principles of Quantum Science, which has established the inter-connectedness of everything. The CoRe system is a tool enabling us to create such a connection to a person’s information field. The connection is always a two-way process, which means that treatment can also be fashioned based on the signals that are received.

The Inergetix-CoRe™ System establishes a constant feedback connection with the client.

The results given by the Inergetix-CoRe™ system are presented in a written report, expressed in percentage numbers.

The Inergetix-CoRe™ works both on the informational or energetic levels. It operates on the level of existence on which things are related via ideas, concepts, forms, and patterns, or on the level on which physical energies are exchanged.

The system is based on the laws of quantum physics, the laws of resonance, and global scaling, issuing a complex statistical analysis based on an extensive database of over one hundred thousand patterns of internal and external stress sources.

The Inergetix-CoRe™ works with the mathematical matrix representations of different parts of the body.

The main challenge in understanding the Inergetix-CoRe™ system is that you don’t have to be physically present for evaluation or therapy. A holographic connection is established based on your name, date, and place of birth and a photograph.

In other words, in one quick procedure, we can know which frequencies are out of balance, and then re-balance them right away, all with the same equipment.

Knowledge is power and peace of mind. And the Inergetix-CoRe can make that happen.

This is the future happening right now!