Vegetable Hummus

Vegetable Hummus I made this vegetable hummus for the first time this Monday while prepping for lunch and it’s one...

banana ice cream

Frozen Banana Ice Cream

Check out this amazing recipe! Seems like a great idea for a hot summer day! Ingredients: 2 – 8 Ripe...


Homemade Chocolate

This is why I make my own chocolate …..

falafel recipe

Falafel recipe

Falafel This baked falafel recipe has all the wonderful flavour of regular falafel minus the deep frying. Ingredients (makes about...

almond truffles

Raw Lemon and Almond truffles

The perfect sweet treats after dinner, so good and so easy to make – they are sugar and dairy free,...

raw chocolate mousse

Raw Chocolate Mousse with fresh raspberries

Easy, creamy, quick recipe and free from refined sugar.  It’s not only delicious but is also full of vitamins, minerals,...

Apple pie recipe

Apple Pie recipe

I am so excited to share with you this simple, healthy and delicious raw Apple Pie recipe! Apple pie ingredients:...

How to make your homemade almond milk

How to make your homemade almond milk Here is your simple recipe: Soak almonds for at least 12 hours in...

Chia Seeds

10 Benefits of chia seeds

Chia Seeds These tiny chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, are high in protein, fibre, calcium...

homemade almond butter

Homemade almond butter

Homemade almond butter – This is a great replacement for peanut butter and much healthier too!