The Amazing Power of Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving season and with everything that’s been happening in the world recently, this season I am choosing more than...

emotional eating

How Can You Stop Emotional Eating and Lose Weight

Does being sad, stressed, tired, bored drive you to eat?Do you often turn to food for comfort?I have been there too. A few years ago food was my reward, my comfort when feeling tired, stressed, bored, angry and sad. And the end result was gaining lots of weight.

spring detox

Why Everyone Needs a Spring Detox

Spring is here, the best time to refresh, renew and recharge. I don’t know about you but during the winter months I tend to hibernate by spending lots of time eating comfort food – you know what I am talking about, lots of chocolates...

year of YOU

Make 2016 the year of YOU

It feels like a fresh start...a chance to review the past year and set new goals for our future. It’s also a chance to look at our whole lives and consider what parts might be out of balance, and what parts are working well for us.


Why We Love Chocolate and Why It Doesn’t Love Us Back

Chocolate seems to be a big topic for my clients this month… the temptation of holiday goodies on store shelves everywhere. While candy makers would have us believe that all chocolate (and more chocolate) is good for us, not all chocolate is created equal!


How to naturally detox your body and be healthy

For so many years as a health coach, I focused simply on digestion because I do believe that good digestion leads to a healthy life. But then one day I realized that in order to have good digestion, you must be detoxing properly.


The truth about fats

For years, health experts preached that a low-fat diet was the gateway to health. They proclaimed fats as the enemy, linking them to cardiovascular and other diseases. The food industry jumped on this “theory” and bombarded us with fat-free and low-fat “food” options.


The body’s second brain…..your gut

Your gut, aka "inside your belly", has been proven to be your bodies literal "second brain". For years, the medical world has been trying to figure out what causes our moods to change and what causes common problems that most of us face like stress, anxiety, and even depression.

healthy eating

Four Steps to Healthy Eating

As you know I am all about living a real food lifestyle and sharing the journey with you through my blog, my coachingand my programs. I have found that the best possible way to live a healthy lifestyle and have healthy and delicious meals all week long is by meal prepping once for the whole week.

Get Grounded and Relaxed with Root Vegetables

Get Grounded and Relaxed with Root Vegetables

As the weather turns cooler, our bodies need more warming foods. Root vegetables, which grow abundantly this time of year, have a warming effect on our bodies and help prepare us for winter. In addition, eating seasonally (and locally whenever possible!)