Why Everyone Needs a Spring Detox

Spring is here, the best time to refresh, renew and recharge.

I don’t know about you but during the winter months I tend to hibernate by spending lots of time eating comfort food – you know what I am talking about, lots of chocolates, cookies and sugary stuff. Honestly, nothing can get me outside the house when is cold!

When spring arrives I am full of energy and ready to spark. During spring time you have more energy and you are filled with inspiration to kick-start your new healthy habits. The transition from winter to spring it’s the best time to cleanse and detox your body. Spring is the best time to detox because nature itself supports cleansing and detoxing the body. It’s time now to look at your old habits and make a new fresh plan. It’s time to set new goals whether it’s working out, make time for yourself or cooking more at home.

A detox is not about depriving yourself of food or taking different pills or powders, a detox is about eating whole foods, lots of greens and incorporating daily activities into your routine that best supports your mind, body, and soul.

The end result of a spring detox is feeling refreshed, renewed and recharged.

Detoxing is the essential first step in establishing a pattern of vitality and wellbeing, a pattern that for me became a way of life.

The first time I experienced a detox  was three years ago when I decided to take a good look at my eating habits and make a new plan. I did my first detox in Thailand and the whole experience was life changing. The detox lasted for ten days and it was based on eating only whole foods and lots of greens like fresh salads, juices, smoothies, and soups; along with yoga and meditation. It was more than a physical detox; at the end of it, I felt a remarkable resurgence of energy and vitality.

As a health coach, I do believe that a detox is the only way to be healthy in today’s world.

Our bodies are designed to detox naturally every day. The Same way we clean and detox our house regularly, cleaning and detoxing the body of built-up wastes improves the functioning of its natural detoxification pathways. Let me start by asking you couple of questions:

•Do you suffer from excess weight?

•Do you feel tired and exhausted most days?

•Do you have trouble falling asleep?

•Do you suffer from mood swings?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, then maybe is time to start helping your body, mind and soul to release these blockages.

Based on my detox experience I have put together my signature program “11-Day to Weight Loss and Detox” to help you and my clients explore the benefits of detoxing the body the natural way.

The program is divided into three phases:

1. The pre-detox phase 

It can last from four to seven days. During this phase, you will be preparing for your detox by gradually reducing all refine and processed foods – sugar, soft drinks, grains, coffee, eggs, dairy products, animal protein.

2. The detox phase

The elimination diet, it lasts for seven days. During this phase, you will have fun exploring the new foods from the recipe book. In your daily menu, everything is planned for you, including lists of foods to enjoy and avoid. All recipes are vegetarian. After eliminating all the refined and processed foods in phase one during phase two, you will be going deeper into detox and consume mainly whole foods like- salads, juices, soups, fresh fruits, smoothies and healthy snacks.

3. The post-detox phase

The transition to clean eating, it can last from four to seven days. During this phase, you will slowly be reintroducing foods like – eggs, dairy, grains, animal protein back into your diet; one food per day. The reason for adding one food at the time is to determine if you have any food sensitivities. We are trying to figure out how your unique body responds to various ingredients. In the program, you have everything that you need: the complete detox guide, the recipe book, shopping list and the meal planner, plus my daily email support.

To conclude I would like to say that a spring detox is essential to maintain health and balance in the long run. The benefits of detoxing are countless and springtime is the best time to start a detox. Doing a whole foods detox such as my signature program “11-Day to Weight Loss and Detox” it will allow you to: improve your digestion, increase your energy, lose unwanted weight, reduce mood swings and think more clearly.

This is a whole foods program that will guide you towards eating healthy in a simple and easy approach. With my signature program “11-Day to Weight Loss and Detox” you will experience a wellness immersion that will refresh, renew and recharge your body, mind, and spirit; and will empower you with the knowledge and practical simple tools that will help you create vibrant health.

Are you ready to start your spring detox? I am here to help you!



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